Get Favorite Brows with Microblading

What is Micro Blading Brows?

  Are you tired of using pencils and other cosmetic products to hide your faded eyebrows, and trying to give them a new look? .Then you are at the right place we are here to state the solutions of problems you have regarding your brows .Micro blading is the solution of your problems .It is a method different from tattooing, with the use of this emerging technique your brows will be renewed and will have an amazingly natural look so let’s have Micro bladed Brows. Whether you like your brows straight or curved you will get according to your requirement by getting your brows micro bladed.

How to get our Brows Micro Bladed?

To get Microbladed Brows get an appointment with a micro blading expert and have an appointment with him. After first appointment your brows will be pigmented and become amazingly natural and lovely. After it healing process starts to recover those tiny wounds made in this process. Treatment is typically a 2 step procedure, first appointment contains consultation and primary application, the second appointment is six weeks up to touch and ensure long life of the colors used. The procedure although semi-permanent, continues between 6 – 18 months if right instructions are maintained. The result of this process last for about one to three years depending upon your skin condition.

The apparatus of this process resembles to knife blade, but instead of one large blade it contains a series of tiny needles, the blade is first dipped in Pigment and then cuts are made. This process results in implantation of pigments on brows also known as micro pigmentation. Good healing results make this process more beneficial.


TimeLine for Micro Blading brows healing process

After Microblading Brows mechanism

 For WEEK 1 ;

  • Brows give incredible impression instantly after micro-blading procedure.
  • Pigment gradually get darker
  • Pigment touches darkest level
  • Micro-blading strokes  improves Light scabbing

 For WEEK 2;

  • Scabbing developed due to micro-blading strokes pledge to flake off, occasionally illuminating no definite, evident color in skin.

For WEEK 3-4;

  • Pigment present in skin will carry on to oxidize and micro-bladed strokes start to return in color intended from the start, but some strokes appear back seeing patchy.

For WEEK 5-6;

  • Eyebrows prepared to experience the final effects of touch-up appointment as they are completely healed. Attractive and Lovely eyebrow renovation is complete after final touch-up

 Is it handy?

The results of Microblading brows appear incredibly natural and do not require daily upkeep, so get rid of the daily eyebrow routine good-bye. Micro-bladed brows won’t need regular care.  The results of getting your brows micro bladed are advantageous. Your brows will become amazingly natural and attractive, moreover self-confidence increases and the time being wastes in regular care of brows is also saved and you get your brows renewed. Let’s try this method to give your eyebrows a new birth, to give them a new look and to make them more beautiful.